Company Profile

MPG Corporation PCL is among the first and longest-established entertainment retailer in Thailand merchandising entertainment products including Blu-rays, Vinyls, DVDs, CDs and all other entertainment formats.

MPG Corporation PCL was established in 1989 by Mr.Montri Mitsatha and Mrs.Kityajai Triekvijit, who both initially started out as just movies and music enthusiasts. Both of them open their first store as a small movie and music retailer in 1981 before developing into Mangpong, a full-size retailer in 1989.

The first Mangpong Shop was located at The Mall Rajprasong, offering various movies and music in forms of Laser Disc, VHS, Tape Cassette, as well as other entertainment-related products such as movies posters and t-shirts. In the past 25 years, MPG Corporation PCL has always been receptive to the ever-changing market, technology and consumer behavior, thus it has developed its products correspondingly i.e. transforming laser disc, VHS and tape cassette to VCDs, DVDs, blu-ray and compact disc.

Apart from merchandising finished products via retailers, MPG Corporation PCL also operate in other businesses - acquiring copyrights and distribute international music, Thai films (such as the first-of-its-kind horror-comedy film "Buppha Ratree") and Edutainment content (including BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet titles).

Moreover, MPG Corporation PCL has been growing hand-in-hand with the department stores. Mangpong Shops has expanded to all strategic areas in Bangkok, as well as other major provinces all over Thailand such as Pattaya, Chiang-Mai and Nakorn-Rachasrima. Today, MPG Corporation PCL manages all 40 Mangpong Shops nationwide.